Marriage Exercises

Having been married to the same man for the past nine years I can honestly tell you that having a good marriage is hard work and requires much sacrifice for both husband and wife. If you’re married you know what I’m talking about! There are days when you’re so glad that you married this person and then there are days when you wonder what you were thinking when you made the decision. Sometimes you can have those feelings all in the same day.

There’s a lot of give-and-take in a marriage in order for it to be successful. My husband, whom I love dearly, loves to go on and on about high definition video and whenever we go to a store where they have TVs and or video equipment, we always take a look at what’s there because that’s what he likes. So I have learned to act interested when he starts talking about HDTV and the need for HDMI and digital converters and a whole plethora of stuff. I smile and remind myself that this is the man who thinks I’m perfect! Works every time.

And just for fun I’m going to share with you a scene from one of my favorite classic movies, The Best Years of Our Lives, made in 1946. Even then they knew what it took to make a marriage work.

The Best Years of Our Lives on YouTube

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  1. Norm
    May 20, 2008

    Love plays a big part in making marriage work,
    Of course understanding that you never bring up subjects that I don’t know about or have an interest in, certainly makes our marriage so much better.

    How do you do that????