Oh It’s Hot

A heatwave began over the weekend and it’s in the upper 90s even though it’s only April. Not that unusual considering we live in the desert but this year it’s especially annoying because our air conditioner died and we can’t get anyone to come look at it until May 7. Thankfully we were smart and purchased ceiling fans a few years ago for all of our rooms except the bathrooms. Every ceiling fan is going full blast right now just to keep it about 84 ° in the house. Fortunately, this time of year, it will cool off to around 68 overnight so we can open all the windows at bedtime to cool things down inside. There’s nothing worse than laying in your bedding dripping from sweat because it’s sweltering indoors.

We’re praying that our air-conditioner is fixable!

In other news… check out my husband’s blog NormRadio.com to see a video, and another video, and photos of our trip to The Desert Dog K-9 trials held at the Scottsdale Stadium. It was a blast and just what I needed to get away from it all for awhile. I love working dogs! It seems to me that when a dog is doing work as a police dog or a military dog they are really being used to their fullest potential. The dogs I saw competing seemed extremely excited about it as you will see in the videos. We could only attend on Saturday, but on Sunday they had other competitions regarding drug and bomb sniffing as well as search and rescue. We are definitely going again next year!