It Makes Me Cry

There’s been a story on the evening news this week about over 700 Chihuahua dogs rescued from a mobile home where they were being hoarded by an elderly couple.   The animal shelters in Tucson could not take in all of the animals so most of them were brought to the Phoenix area and people in the community have been eagerly wanting to adopt them or at least foster them until permanent homes could be found.

Just now I was watching another story about it on the evening news and they were showing all the cute adorable puppies and telling how people were fighting in the waiting room at the animal shelter over who would be able to adopt them.   People want to help these poor animals and that’s wonderful but something doesn’t seem right.   Suddenly it hit me and I began to cry.   Why don’t people care this much about children who need homes?

From an early age I knew I would not be able to have children of my own because of my physical limitations.   When I was younger I used to think I might marry someone who had children needing a mother or adopt children with my husband.   Marriage came late in my life and our circumstances make having a family not possible.   Really, I’m not the mothering type, but now and then I grieve over the children I’ll never have in my life.   If our circumstances were different I’d seriously look into becoming a foster parent.   I’m glad there are children in my life.   My nieces, a.k.a. the Spice Girls, and kids I see at church.   They are a blessing.