Oh The Joy

An acquaintance of mine recently told me that she is expecting a baby for the first time.   She seemed so excited and I can totally understand why.   Mind you, I’ve never been pregnant, nor am I planning to be pregnant, but as a woman it’s just natural to think about having a baby.   Over the years I have watched many of my friends go through the baby ritual.   First there is the big announcement — we are pregnant!   Then comes all of the planning and preparation and choosing of names.   Lots of shopping will be done for baby furniture like changing tables and baby cribs as well as all of the paraphernalia.   Cute little baby clothes and cuddly toys and blankets.   Of course there will be a baby shower and the mother to be will register her gift list at various department stores.   It’s also easy to do online as well.   I’m sure my friend will enjoy every minute of the baby ritual right up until the moment she goes into hard labor!   I’m so glad it’s not me.


  1. Narniaman
    Jan 19, 2008

    Advice for mothers to be:

    Here’s what I tell pregnant women.

    They need to realize that nothing they say or do can ever be held against them when they are in labor.

    So if you want to tell your husband or parents off, just wait until the labor pains start and then let them have it.

    There’s nothing they can say other than ” Yes dear, I’m sorry dear, there, there, let me rub your back or feet, I’ll never do that again, etc. ”

    She can hit them, spit on them, curse them — and what can they say? The poor thing is in labor, after all!!!

    For this to work, though, the mother to be needs to make a list before hand of all the cruel things she wants to say and do.!!

  2. Karen of Scottsdale
    Jan 19, 2008

    Narniaman: Too funny!