The Post That Almost Was

Yesterday I started writing something for all of you wonderful readers. I got five paragraphs going and then had to leave the house for a few hours. Came home later and didn’t feel like writing so I left it waiting for me on the computer. Why didn’t I save it first? Who knows! Suffice it to say that the inevitable happened and my computer crashed while I was watching TV in the other room. It always happens that way. Five paragraphs gone! Oh well, I don’t even remember what I was writing about.

Oh yeah, think I was writing about my trip to San Diego. Those five paragraphs are never coming back, so you have to put up with whatever I can garner here. We had a good time visiting with my parents, my brother and his wife and my three nieces. I got to see grandma and my aunt Martha too. It’s good to visit with family and friends over the holidays.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were wonderfully warm with temperatures in the mid-70s. I worked on my suntan too while playing games with the girls outside. I love playing games and Norm is nice enough to indulge me once in a while by playing games with me and the girls.

We spent Christmas day at my brother’s home. I think there were about 16 people there for lunch. It was good eats as usual and a nice mix of family and friends. After filling ourselves with too much food, some of us watched TV on my brother’s new 42 inch flat-panel high definition TV. It hangs on the wall so you don’t have to worry about TV stands. Actually, you can use the TV stand for storing all of the TV paraphernalia. It’s nice, although I don’t like the way it makes regular broadcast channels look. To me it’s over pixilated unless you’re watching high-definition broadcast shows.

Visiting San Diego is always nice, but it’s good to be home. We left our cats in the care of our neighbor. He was kind enough to check on them every day and let Miss Ellie outside during the day so she could catch some sun rays. It’s been rather cold and he said that on Wednesday she wouldn’t even go outside. I don’t blame her because it’s been in the 50s during the day and that’s just too cold to be outside for too long, even if you’re in the sun. I’ll be glad when we get back to our normal winter weather, when it’s in the 60s instead of the 50s. Yes, when you live with summertime temperatures in excess hundred degrees, 50 ° is just way too cold.

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  1. pb
    Dec 31, 2007

    I’d tell you what a bunch of wimps you are, but then you could retort something about me and the heat. Anything over 83 or thereabouts is a little much for me.

    Frankly, Karen, 50 degrees sounds lovely right about now. A little jacket and something over the ears should do it.

    Hope the weather is being kind to you now.