Thompson is My Choice for the GOP Primary

When the Republican primary comes to Arizona, February 5, I plan to vote for Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson is a consistent conservative, guided by conservative principles. He has not always been in politics, and I like that because there are too many people who make a career out of running for office. If you stay in politics for too long, then you can lose your perspective on what it’s like in the real world. And, unlike other candidates, he has outlined his plan of action, which is something a leader ought to do. I like the fact that he’s decisive and won’t take guff from anybody! In the recent “debate” in Iowa, Fred was the only candidate who refused to play the hand raising game. If you’re going to be the leader of the free world, then you need to be the kind of guy who can dish it out when necessary. The man is intelligent and knows his stuff on the Constitution too. Check out Fred’s campaign website to see where he stands on the issues.   I hope somebody in Iowa is reading my blog.12-17 Update: Looks like someone in Iowa did read my blog! via Michelle Malkin: Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King announced his endorsement for president this morning. He’s going with Fred Thompson.