Stylish Scottsdale

The husband’s blog has a cool picture today of the Chaparral Water Treatment Plant in Scottsdale.   This plant treats drinking water from the Salt River which runs through central Arizona.   It’s a rather nice place that utilizes the area surrounding it as a xeriscape garden and amphitheater along with an off leash dog park.   During construction we didn’t like what we saw, but now that it’s finished, it looks rather grand.   It even won an award.

Scottsdale likes to do things rather stylishly because many of the people who live here, although not the likes of us, are into the latest and greatest of any and everything imaginable.   Just yesterday I saw something that’s definitely Scottsdale.   It was a sign on the back of someone’s vehicle advertising a K-9 bed-and-breakfast.   Even dogs in Scottsdale have it good.   They don’t just go to the boarding kennel when their owners go out of town.   No, they are treated luxuriously at the K-9 bed-and-breakfast place.   Can you imagine?   Your dog spends the night at the K-9 bed-and-breakfast and feasts on biscotti and espresso for breakfast.   But it’s not just any espresso maker, it’s Rancilio Silvia.   Our A dog’s life in Scottsdale is really nice.


  1. pb
    Dec 4, 2007

    Wow! Maybe I’ll send Ellie the HuggaMutt there for Christmas. Course, she’ll need her pack leader to bring her along, handle all the people-related details, pay the bills, sit in the warm Arizona sun, enjoy the unique opportunity to swim in an outdoor pool in December or January…

    Um, it’s snowing here in Elmira. That blue sky is just so inviting.

  2. Narniaman
    Dec 4, 2007

    Just a little question. . . . .

    Are you sure that the water is from the Salt River?

    I seem to recall when I lived in the Valley of the Sun that most of the drinking water was obtained from wells, and the Salt River water was used for irrigation.

    The wells, as I recall, were quite deep — like 300-400 feet deep.

  3. Karen of Scottsdale
    Dec 4, 2007

    The water comes from the Salt River Project. A system of canals brings water from the Verde River and the Salt River. No wells.

    Here’s a site with other views of the garden art: