Still Meeting Men on the Internet

My adventure on the Internet started about 1996. I had one goal — meeting men on the Internet. Oh my! Yes, I was looking for a man and after two years I found my one and only — Norm. Lest you think otherwise, we are very happily married, but I’m still meeting men on the Internet. Only this time it’s for different reasons. In the picture you will notice Norm and me with our friend Ben from Oregon. We met him via the Internet in June 2006 and today was the first time we met in person. He was traveling through Scottsdale on his way to a medical conference in Tucson.

bkn.jpgBen has become a close friend and business associate to Norm and me as well as to our pastor, Mark. We all got to have lunch today and it was a great time hearing Ben regale us with his humorous stories and discovering how Ben “knows” everybody in the world.

The funniest part of the whole afternoon for me was when Pastor Mark got out his cell phone to take a picture of him and Ben. The reason why is because he wanted to show his wife that Ben is a real person. Yes, he is a real person and in every way like the person we have gotten to know through e-mail and phone.

Sometimes the Internet can be a wonderful way of connecting people.

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  1. EricaLucci
    Nov 10, 2007

    I couldn’t agree more. The Internet has been a great place for me to meet people! I’m so lucky to have made the friends that I have.

    Hopefully someday I’ll get to meet you if you make it out to a Refresh Phoenix meeting!