Cats Everywhere I Look

I’m getting those adopt a kitten urges.   Kittens to me are so precious and I just adore holding them and playing with them and watching them play…

Last week I saw this article in the Arizona Repugnant about the plethora of kittens needing homes at the Arizona Humane Society.   Oh I would love to adopt one of those kittens, but I already have two cats and Norm to look after.   So I quickly dismissed the idea.   Now it seems as though I can’t get away from cats.   They’re in just about every commercial on TV and just a few minutes ago, while channel surfing, I come across this cute little scene in the movie where a little girl is playing with a bunch of kittens and she’s pleading with her dad to let her adopt the one named Bob.   Why oh why is it that cats are everywhere I look when I’m trying so hard not to give in to my desperate urge to get a kitten?

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  1. Narniaman
    Jun 4, 2007


    I will be more than happy to provide you with a few Oregon grown cats. One is an elderly decorator cat whose sole reason for existance is to lay down at the top of the stairs and meow loudly for food whenever you go up the stairs. The other is small black persian scaredy cat that is quite scared of everything except other cats, which it will attack with great gusto.

    Having those two cats around will cure you of any desire to get any more cats or kittens.