Easy Writer

(part of my Stuff That Makes My Life Easier series)

If you have weak hands like I do, you probably find it difficult to write with most ballpoint pens.   I always enjoyed handwriting and in my younger years I even taught myself calligraphy.   As I’ve gotten older I’ve found my hands even weaker so writing can be difficult with the wrong kind of instrument.   I’ve tried various pens over the years and have discovered that ballpoint pens are the worst because the ink doesn’t flow very well and you have to push harder which causes fatigue quickly and makes writing unenjoyable.   Rolling ball pens and felt tip pens are the easiest to use however they generally have caps and that can be difficult to get on and off if you have little strength as I do.   A few years ago they started making gel ink pens in a clickable capless format.   I like these pens however the ink smears because it takes longer to dry so they can be quite messy.

Recently I discovered the perfect pen by Pilot known as the Precise V5/V7 Retractable.   I use the V7 model because of its nice thin line.   It’s retractable but I find I can leave it open all the time, laying on my desk ready to be used without having to click first, and it never dries out.   There’s a comfortable rubber grip which makes holding it easier.   It’s wonderful to write with and it’s also refillable.

I picked one up a few months ago at Staples when they had them sitting in one of those point-of-purchase displays at the register.   I found it better than the Pilot G2 pens I was currently using.   About a month or so later I tried finding them at the store but no one carried them — not Staples and not OfficeMax, which are the main office supply stores in my area.   I did however find they are available on the Pilot USA website.   Now I own three of them plus refills.   That should hold me over for a while unless someone borrows one and doesn’t return it.   I’m very cautious about letting anyone else use my pens when they are so hard to come by. 😉


  1. PJ
    May 3, 2007

    Seems liek Pilot should fork over a litte cash after that endorsement!

  2. Norm
    May 4, 2007

    PJ, what is this “little Cash” stuff? It’s “BIG Bucks”, and soon.

  3. Dixie Sampier
    May 14, 2007

    ‘glad to know about this pen. I found it at Walmart today, will give it a try. thanks!