Yellow, Yellow and More Yellow

🙂 Update 03/18: I saw the birds again this morning right outside my bedroom window so I got a much better look since they were only a few feet away. They are either American Goldfinch or Lesser Goldfinch. The Lesser Goldfinch is more common in this area but the American Goldfinch can be here as well and what I saw looks like that rather than the other.


The other morning I’m sitting in my backyard enjoying the warm weather and looking at all the weeds. Suddenly a cute little yellow bird perches on the lattice wall of our small ramada. Yellow birds are unusual so I was quite surprised and turned my head so I could see the bird better. As soon as I turned my head he was startled by the fact of my presence and flew away toward the pine tree in the front yard. I only saw the bird for a few seconds, but it looked like a Verdin which has yellow on its breast.

Yesterday as I was getting up I looked out our bedroom window and saw a bright yellow bird sitting on the electrical wire high above our backyard. It looked as if the front body of the bird was bright yellow and its head and wings were almost black. It was quite a distance from the window and I didn’t have binoculars so I’m not so sure about that black color. I was certain however that it couldn’t be a Verdin based on what I saw. He sat there for a while and then took off. Two more came back later but didn’t stay very long.

Being the curious birdwatcher I am, as soon as I got dressed and in my power wheelchair, I was off to my desk to hunt for my Arizona Field guide for birds. Certainly I would discover this beautiful bird’s common name. However, much to my chagrin, it turns out there are four or five different birds with bright yellow feathers on their breast. Since I couldn’t get a better look at the bird I still don’t know what I saw. I must say that I have never seen a bright yellow bird in my neighborhood before. Someday I hope to find out what that bird was.

Later in the day Norm and I went to the grocery store and there I spied yellow marshmallow peeps. We just had to get some because it’s not springtime without peeps!