Cat in the Basket

cat_in_basket.jpgGG likes to sleep in this basket ever since I threw out all the miscellaneous papers that were stored there. It’s very hard and prickly, but perhaps she likes the confined-ness of sleeping there. My other cat, Miss Ellie, doesn’t sleep in this basket, but I have seen her sleep in one that I have outside which is even harder and has more sharp edges than this basket does. Cats can definitely be strange sometimes!

In the photo you can see part of a watercolor painting I did in college. That was a whole lifetime ago for me — at least it seems that way. I’ve lost a lot of the strength I used to have in my arms and hands, so painting and sketching are hobbies of the past. Now I have new hobbies — most of them pertain to the computer which has definitely opened new horizons of creativity for me.


  1. pb
    Feb 26, 2007

    Have you tried working in your lap instead? I can no longer work on anything raised, like the slantboard we used to cut and paste on. Yet I can still cut with perfect precision (in spite of the tremor!) when the work is down at a lower level.

    Your new chair should raise you to the proper level to work on a table now. Have you tried it?

    Listen to me lecturing my younger BlogSis! Lots of love goes with it, though.

  2. Karen of Scottsdale
    Feb 27, 2007

    🙄 Yes, BlogSis, you do lecture me! That’s OK, I can take it. Actually, I used to do a lot of the work in my lap, but that has become too difficult and it doesn’t matter how high I can raise my chair to work at a table. There’s a lot more involved that’s difficult to explain, but thanks for the suggestion! I can always use those. 😉