The Disabled Just Can’t Get a Break

I learned today, via Pat’s Pond, that Pluto is no longer a planet, at least according to “leading astronomers” who have created new guidelines as to the classification of planets. They have determined that Pluto is a dwarf planet. So does that mean that dwarf people are not really people? I know a few who might beg to differ that point!

However, it would seem that being disable and funny does get you a break now and then. Case in point — Josh Blue who has become the Last Comic Standing. I must admit that I did not watch the show, but learned about it through secret Internet sources. Josh lives with the challenges of cerebral palsy and describes his comedy as “spastic and engaging.” He is quoted as saying, “I realize that people are going to stare so I want to give them something to stare at.” LOL 😆

Throughout my life of dealing with the challenges of limited mobility I have come to appreciate a healthy sense of humor. Both my parents gave me the gene! Fortunately I married a man who appreciates my wackiness. I never want people to laugh at me but I always want them to laugh with me.

This reminds me of a presentation I had to give in graduate school while earning my MBA at San Diego State University. Don’t recall what the class was about, but I remember doing a presentation on modifications in the workplace to help employees with disabilities. I showed a video of people with disabilities using special equipment in the workplace such as computer screen readers for the visually impaired. To keep it from being boring, I ended my presentation with the phrase “hire the handicap — they’re fun to watch!”

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  1. NormB
    Aug 24, 2006

    🙂 If you really want to know, The reason I married you, was because after owning 6 Wheelchair vans, I thought it would be a good idea to have a wheelchair parked in the building.