Sweet Treats

I’ve discovered some new treats that I really enjoy and think I’m becoming addicted to them. Bob’s Sweet Stripes soft mint candy — oh they are so good and I’m not really a big fan of peppermint. They remind me of butter mints and I can’t stop eating them! You can find them at Wal-Mart or try ordering them from one of those online candy stores.

Another wonderful confection that I have recently discovered is Rialtoâ„¢, Chocolate Raspberry cookies by Pepperidge Farm. They are just delicious and very musty. Fortunately I am the kind of person who can eat one or two cookies and wait until the next day to have more.

Now you know what I’ve been indulging in. What are your favorite indulgences?


  1. pb
    Jul 3, 2006

    If calories are not a consideration, then my favorite is Edy’s Grande Fudge Brownie Ice Cream.

    If I’m fighting the fat, then Jelly Belly black licorice.

    God is soooooo good.

  2. GrannyJ
    Jul 3, 2006

    1. Anything lemon.

    2. Anything raspberry.

    3. Rhubarb pie