The Suns Game

Of course Norm and I watched 24 tonight and then Norm insisted we watch CSI: Miami. Then I remembered the Suns were playing so I checked the score online. Every time we went to TNT during commercial breaks on CBS the game was in commercial breaks as well. So when CSI: Miami was over I insisted we watch the rest of the game. It’s only the last quarter that really matters anyways. 130-123 Suns — cool. I know nothing about basketball playoffs. I know there’ll be more games but I don’t know how many we have to win. Maybe someday I’ll figure it all out.

In case you’re wondering I’m not really a big sports fan. I’ll watch a game occasionally if I’m with people who like to watch them. Baseball I enjoy but I only follow it when it gets near the World Series and if a team I like it is going to make it to the World Series. I guess they call that a fair weather fan. Who cares? I’ll watch football only if I have to and until last week I had never followed basketball. Now I’m enjoying basketball so will see how it goes next season.


  1. Vanda
    May 9, 2006

    I’m still wearing my Suns, D’backs and Cardinals sweatshirts from Emmmmm well lets just say I got them a long time before we came back home in 2000.

    I’m an English footy fan and this year is the World Cup game. The final to be played in Germany. 40 years ago in 1966 England won the cup against Germany. I’m hoping they do the same this year. I’m quite vocal watching those games LOL.

  2. March Hare
    May 11, 2006

    Y’know, Karen, I thought of you while I was watchin “24”! Especially when I remembered Bill Buchanan’s name. 🙂

    I thought for sure Logan was going to kill Martha and then himself. And can you believe Miles? I never liked or trusted that man. Ever!

    The only basketball I’ve watched lately is the 7th Grade Girls CYO teams. DD#2’s team played the same team twice. They got pasted both times, but the second time was by only 10 points! A moral victory as far as the parents were concerned! 🙂

  3. Colin
    May 11, 2006

    I have a friend (believe it or not, no snide comments) who has named the NBA “Jungle Thugball”. I agree. Can’t watch it.