This Is Why Judge Alito Will Be Confirmed to the Supreme Court

From the Christian Coalition blog:

Judge Alito refused to back down on his opposition to judicial activism when Senator Grassley asked him if judicial activism is ever justified “to create a more just society” as left-wingers believe including countless federal judges who have removed the Pledge of Allegiance from schools, who have given America abortion on demand and the deaths of 40 million unborn children, who have taken God out of the public square. Judge Alito replied, “Well, I think that if the courts do the job that they’re supposed to do, they will, we will produce a more just society.” And he said, “The Constitution and the constitutional system that we have is designed to produce a just society.”

Judge Alito in today’s testimony said, “But just speaking for myself, I think that it is our job to interpret and to enforce the statutes that Congress passes and not to add to those statutes and not to take away from these statutes.” And he said, “The courts do not have the authority to repeal statutes or to amend statutes….it is not our job to try to produce particular results. We are not policy-makers and we shouldn’t be implementing any sort of policy agenda or policy preferences that we have.” Read the rest.