Yes, It’s Been a While

Seems like forever since I last blogged about anything. I’ve been extremely busy working on a project so that has taken all of my energy. I have some really good news to report. As of last Wednesday my wonderful husband Norm is no longer connected to an IV pump receiving antibiotics. He got a good report from the doctor and he is doing better each and every day. I plan to return home in two weeks on my birthday which is the 16th.

Being away from Norm for more than six weeks has been difficult for both of us but technology has made it bearable. While he was in hospital we talked on the phone at least once or twice each day. Yes, my parents phone bill was not a pretty sight. Since he returned home we have been communicating over the Internet both through e-mail and through online chat with a web cam on my end. We use Yahoo Messenger with voice but the voice part does not always work very well. Anyhow, we enjoy using Yahoo messenger because Norm can see me on the web cam which is good because it satisfies his manly visual need to see his beloved. We also have fun changing the outfits and backgrouds on our Avitars.

It will be good to get home and be with my husband! 14 days and counting…

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  1. NormB
    Oct 3, 2005

    It’s always better inperson. Counting the days.