Tuesday Mishmash

It’s cool this morning so it feels good to be up and around doing things. Lately it’s been extremely hot here in San Diego, actually I’m in Santee. I should note that I’m still Karen of Scottsdale but for the next month or two I’m a six-hour drive away.

An hour ago I watched President Bush give a speech to Navy and Marine personnel at Coronado Naval base. I wish I could say I was there but I watched it on TV which was probably better since nobody was in my way. You could see from the camera angles that downtown San Diego was shrouded in fog. When I got up this morning it was foggy here in Santee which is about 15 miles from the coast. The sun is out now and I hope it stays cool for a while. Did I mention it’s been hot here? Oh yes, I did. And I think I mentioned last week that my parent’s air conditioner is dead. It was 91 ° in the house yesterday. Mom and I had to go to the neighborhood clubhouse for a while to cool off in the air conditioning.

I spoke with my wonderful husband a little while ago. He is still in the hospital but he’s doing good. It’s nice to hear his voice and to hear him say how much he misses me and loves me. Of course he also tells me that it’s nice to hear my voice and hear me say those things to him too. I’ll be glad when he gets home so he can e-mail me. A month ago we rediscovered instant messaging and had fun playing around with it from one end of the house to the other end of the house. If you have read my blog for very long then you know that Norm and I can be rather silly sometimes.

I started writing this entry at 10 a.m. and now it’s nearly 1:30 p.m. It seems I have been interrupted about two dozen times. Mom wanted me to explain to her how to do something on the computer but I ended up getting so involved in the project that I forgot all about what I had started doing earlier. Then we decided it was time to eat lunch so I had an avocado, tomato, Romain lettuce, and cheddar cheese burrito. Yummy!

Okay, onto other things. Sunday we had a guest speaker at my father’s church. Joe Dallas, noted author, speaker and program director of Genesis Counseling, gave an inspiring talk on improving the Church’s response to sexual sin. The Sunday before that we had a group of men from San Diego Teen Challenge sharing their testimonies of how God has changed their lives through the program and help them overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. I would encourage you to check out both web sites linked to in this paragraph so you can learn more about these groups helping people overcome addictions.

Having watched TV for the last couple of days I am struck by the devastation of lives and property caused by hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast. I lived for 10 years in Morgan City Louisiana and spent many happy times visiting New Orleans. My prayers go out to all of the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida who are dealing with the aftermath.

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  1. Garrett O'Hara
    Aug 30, 2005

    I never got his autograph. Just the interview recording, which is far more valuable to me personally and politically.