Cow Dreaming

I had this really weird dream last night. Someone came to our home with a cow and offered to sell us her milk. I don’t know why I would dream about milking a cow because I don’t even drink milk. It seemed as though I was laying in bed trying to sleep but I could see the cow and some people standing around her outside our house. Norm went to deal with the people but I couldn’t sleep because of all the commotion going on around the cow. Suddenly people I didn’t know were coming in and out of my house grabbing towels to wipe up the mess they were making outside. Then these people came in my house and started rearranging things and making a mess everywhere. At this point I woke up so I don’t know what would’ve happened next. LOL

I don’t know why I had this weird dream and I didn’t even eat pizza for dinner last night. When I first woke up this morning I had a vivid memory of my dream but now it seems rather faded the way dreams usually do later in the day.

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  1. Pat Baker
    Aug 11, 2005

    I’ve always heard it said that the best way to interpret a dream is to consider each element of the dream to be yourself (or a part of yourself):

    Offhand, I can imagine the person with the cow as your site and its blogs. The milk is probably the possibilities your site opens, or can open, for you.

    It happens outside your view because the Internet does. People coming inside to clean up may be us visitors. We take from you what we need. Note how we don’t ask permission. There may be anxiety about what all this may cost you.

    The mess you can’t see? Since you specify “mess,” a negative unknown, I’d have to guess it represents your fears of what may come to you through your readers (through the Internet).

    Keep in mind that my Interpretation is colored by, well, my not being you.

    Now you try it. Anything that doesn’t ring true probably isn’t. Simply, but not easy.